Elizabeth Blankenship

Position: Math and Science Teacher

School: Fries School

School District: Grayson County Public Schools

City, State: Fries, Virginia

About the Nominee: Elizabeth Blankenship is constantly coming up with innovative ways to teach. For instance, during a lesson on atoms, she had her students act out as the "evil electrons." The students now go around rubbing their hands together saying, "Evil electrons are negative!" She establishes positive relationships with her students and tries to understand difficult behaviors that might come up. She also goes out of her way to try to get into each student's "world." Ms. Blankenship knows that if she maintains strong relationships with each student, she is contributing positively to their well being while they're in her classroom. She stays after school many nights to ensure her lessons are the best they can be. Additionally, she is involved in many committees so that she can have a say in the school environment and ensure that the students have a voice in the decision-making process when appropriate. Her enthusiasm for her job keeps her colleagues and family members going. Knowing that she is making a difference inspires her nominator to want to make a difference in their schools and classrooms. That, above all else, is why Ms. Blankenship is a LifeChanger!

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