Dusty Spence

Position: Upper Elementary and Middle School Teacher School: Fairlawn Christian Academy

School District: Private

City, State: Fairlawn, Virginia

About the Nominee: This is the second year that Ms. Spence has been nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year Program. She was previously nominated in 2014-15.

Dusty Spence has taught every grade throughout her teaching career. It is obvious that she loves her job and that her students love her. She takes her calling very seriously and teaches not only the mind, but the spirit. She is responsible for both before and after school programs, as well as the summer program. Ms. Spence teaches multiple grades in the same room and balances her time and energy among a wide age range of her students. She includes spiritual and character lessons with academics and stresses a well-rounded life for all students. Additionally, she is available before and after school as well as weekends to assist her students with extra tutoring. She attends extra-curricular activities (sports, plays and recitals) for her students and builds their self-esteem. In her spare time, Ms. Spence supports her own children (who are collegiate athletes) and is very active in church and community events. Her smile and endless energy is loved by students, staff and parents. Her community feels blessed to have a great teacher!

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