Dr. Quinton Moss

Position: Health Science Teacher

School: Duncanville High School

School District: Duncanville Independent School District

City, State: Duncanville, Texas

About the Nominee: Dr. Quinton Moss is one of those teachers who leave a lifelong impression. He takes interest in each of his students. He is concerned about his students, who look forward to learning from him every day. Last year, he had one student come to him because they were having some personal difficulties. After taking time to listen, he helped them feel comfortable with talking to the counselor and called in the proper school official. Every day, you will find Dr. Moss tutoring students who are struggling academically. His reserved demeanor helps him relate to his peers and students, as well. He is a LifeChanger, and Duncanville ISD is blessed to have such a great teacher!

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