Dr. Kerri Criner

Position: Elementary Principal School: Marion C. Early Elementary School

School District: Marion C. Early R-V School District

City, State: Morrisville, Missouri

About the Nominee: Dr. Kerri Criner came to Marion C. Early Elementary School three years ago. She is only the second principal in the school's 30 year history. In her short time, Dr. Criner has taken the school from a teacher-centered building to a student-centered building. Her ability to form positive relationships with students, staff and the community is amazing. Each day, Dr. Criner takes every opportunity to visit with her students, get to know where they are coming from and make each student feel like the most important student in school.

Although Dr. Criner is great at forming these relationships, she is also amazing at motivating students and staff to perform their best each and every day. The number of students who are scoring at an advanced or proficient level have more than doubled since her arrival. Dr. Criner has instilled a culture of not just doing your best, but becoming the giants upon whose shoulders the rest of the world stands. She has introduced a new STEM curriculum at her school, and the students have proven their success through engagement and achievement. Through this program, student attendance has risen and office referrals have dropped. Her nominator reports being honored to work beside her.

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