Dr. Kathleen Lanford

Position: Literacy Coordinator School: Dalton High School

School District: Dalton Public Schools

City, State: Dalton, Georgia

About the Nominee: Dr. Kathleen Lanford's nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, has known Dr. Lanford for a little over 17 years as a professional educator. They have not only heard from students and teachers, but have witnessed for themselves the inspiration and passion that Dr. Lanford brings to her position at Dalton High School. She strives to promote literacy within the classroom, working with her peers to gain their respect and promote integrity of all subject content. Dr. Lanford has demonstrated her ability to motivate and cultivate students to want to learn, opening up a vast array of avenues for each student. Furthermore, she has created a Literacy Lab where students and teachers feel welcomed into a learning environment as indicated by her record attendance numbers throughout the day, before, during, and after school hours. Dr. Lanford's efforts and professionalism make her a LifeChanger to DHS students and staff!

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