Donna Nolan

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Knight Enloe Elementary School

School District: Roanoke City Schools

City, State: Roanoke, Alabama

About the Nominee: Donna Nolan was nominated by her principal, Amy Moody. This is Mrs. Nolan's sixth year teaching kindergarten, but she has been working in the education field for many years. Mrs. Nolan brings more than just a traditional education to her students. Each year, she creates a classroom family where students learn through engagement and collaboration.

This amazing teacher creates learning environments where students participate in hands-on learning. She allows her students to share their learning adventures with other classrooms. Mrs. Nolan also connects home and school by visiting the homes of her students. She is a humble educator who gives all of her expertise and expects nothing in return. She has no idea how much she touches the lives of the students she teaches. This is what makes her a true LifeChanger!