Diane Rewerts

Position: Principal School: W.F. Morrison Elementary School

School District: Troy Public Schools

City, State: Troy, Montana

About the Nominee: Diane Rewerts was nominated by her superintendent, Jacob Francom.

In her three years as principal of W.F. Morrison Elementary School, Diane Rewerts has been a dynamic leader who has turned the school around. Her vision, energy, and hard work have inspired those around her. Ms. Rewerts has focused on many targeted areas to provide the best education for the students of Troy Public Schools, which include:

-Improving and revising the curriculum. -Instructional oversight. -Facility upgrades such as painting, remodeling, lighting, etc. -Increasing parent involvement. -Organizing a school improvement plan with targeted areas of improvement. -Raising over $40,000 to update the school playground. -Implementing a gifted and talented program. -Improving the after-school program. -Implementing a comprehensive assessment program that drives instructional intervention and improves teaching practices.

The list could go on and on. Prior to becoming Principal, Ms. Rewerts taught at Libby Schools for more than thirty years. Her influence has reached students all over Lincoln County and throughout generations. Ms. Rewerts has done so much for the district and has changed so many lives over the course of her career!

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