Desney Tyehimba

Position: Teacher

School: Serrano Middle School

School District: San Bernardino City Unified School District

City, State: Highland, California

About the Nominee: Desney Tyehimba was nominated by a colleague, Kim Allen. Mr. Tyehimba has been an educator for over twenty years. He has found that rare balance of establishing both a rigorous curriculum and life-long connections with his students. Some of his slogans such as "one love" and "It's OK to be smart" are more than just slogans. Mr. Tyehimba has fully embraced these slogans so that his students come face to face with the authenticity of the man behind the slogans.

His room is a safe haven for students and teachers alike. His students learn to relax in an educational atmosphere and realize that it's OK to be smart. Because of these reasons and many others, Mr. Tyehimba is a LifeChanger in his community.

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