David Winski

Position: Science Teacher

School: Edmunds Consolidated School

School District: Education in the Unorganized Territories

City, State: Edmunds Township, Maine

About the Nominee: David Winski was nominated by his principal, Trudy Newcomb. Mr. Winski is an exceptional science teacher. His love for science leads him to create amazing STEM-based learning experiences for his students. He teaches math and science to all students in grades 5-8, and they love his class. For such a small school (60 students in grades Pre-K through grade 8), Edmunds Consolidated has an amazing science program! Mr. Winski has sought out grants and financial support to provide a first rate education for his students. His curriculum is focused around inquiry-based instruction, where students are posed with a question/challenge, given some very basic foundational knowledge and asked to create, experiment, and challenge their own thinking to find a solution.

Mr. Winski's science room is very neat, except when students are working! He allows his students to immerse themselves in creating solutions. Sometimes, this means his room gets messy, but his lessons are so much fun! In his class, students learn typical science content, such as physics, the natural world and basic chemistry. They are also able to experiment, however, using state-of-the art technology that includes computers, building robotics, programming and even 3D printing! His willingness to seek out these resources for students and his knowledge of good teaching make him an exceptional teacher. Mr. Winski is certainly changing the lives of Edmund Consolidated students and the way they think about science. He is giving the students of this small rural community the opportunity to spark an interest in areas that they might not have even known existed previously. Later, this may lead students to a career that they might not have even thought of. He is literally changing the lives of his students by opening up their thinking beyond the walls of their classrooms. Mr. Winski takes his students past the remoteness of their communities and gives their imaginations the fuel to makes their dreams reality.

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