David Sibley

Position: Head Custodian

School: Ewalt Elementary School

School District: Augusta Public Schools USD 402

City, State: Augusta, Kansas

About the Nominee: David Sibley was nominated by principal, Kristie Thackery.

David Sibley IS Ewalt Elementary School. He has served as custodian since the school was built over 20 years ago. He is the heart of Ewalt and a person in the building who would be impossible to replace. Mr. Sibley takes the time to get to know all of the students. He visits with them during breakfast and lunch and quickly knows them all by name. He also took over Ewalt's recycling team and spends countless hours of his own time working with students to teach them the importance of recycling. Mr. Sibley is always willing to stop what he is doing and help teachers, students or staff with issues. He is never too busy to get something, fix something or greet someone. He is an extremely dedicated employee.

Ewalt is like a home to him. He takes great care to make sure that everything in the building meets expectations. When Mr. Sibley cleans rooms in the summer, he takes pictures of the furniture arrangement in the classrooms first so he can make sure he puts everything back exactly where it was. He also participates in school fundraisers, volunteers his time to help with PTO night events and never complains about the work.

The "amazingness" of Mr. Sibley doesn't stop at Ewalt; he helps around the district in the other buildings as well. He helps at the district office by setting up for meetings, taking care of the flag and cleaning when necessary. When the weather is bad, Mr. Sibley comes in early to clean and treat sidewalks and parking lots. He checks on the building after storms to make sure everything is okay. He is willing to do any job that needs to be done to help the school district be a better place. His smile and positive attitude are the glue that hold the Ewalt community together.

Mr. Sibley is so much more than the custodian at Ewalt. He is a friend, cheerleader and avid supporter of his school and district. One can't get better than Mr. Sibley!