David Arledge

Position: Assistant Principalhonor-roll School: McCluer North High School

School District: Ferguson-Florissant School District

City, State: Florissant, Missouri

About the Nominee: David Arledge was nominated by his former soccer coach, Brad Fisher. This is the second year Mr. Arledge has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. He was previously nominated in 2015-16.

Twenty-five years ago, Coach Fisher removed Mr. Arledge's college soccer scholarship following off-field breaches of team contract. Subsequently, he removed an All-American from the team for the following season. No coach in his right mind would do this, according to Coach Fisher. Mr. Arledge needed to focus on his academics, however, by studying under a highly touted educational program at his alma mater. Suspending Mr. Arledge from the team was not an easy decision. He had helped win a national championship on the previous years' team and secured an All-Tournament and All-American honors for his efforts. It was one of the hardest things Coach Fisher has done. Mr. Arledge took his medicine, returned to the team and helped lead the team to 2nd place in the 1993 NSCAA National Championship.

Now, Mr. Arledge's medicine is for others. His inspiration, charisma and model for civility is nothing less than a shining star. He is a bright light, and his passion for his students is palpable. Under his leadership, classroom attendance is on the rise, and students are given courtesy and respect. This is making a huge difference!

Florissant, Missouri has "Mr. Arledge" written all over it. He has a calm, mature, dynamic and inspirational leadership style that has changed the lives of students. Simultaneously, he's made school fun and hip again, according to Coach Fisher. As a man of character, Mr. Arledge is a winner. He shares that winning philosophy and enthusiasm where it matters most: in the lives of students and faculty at McCluer North High School.

Note: the following information is from Mr. Arledge's 2015-16 nomination:

One of Mr. Arledge's friends says that he has pushed them to become a better person since the moment they met on a soccer field 30+ years ago. Mr. Arledge began his mentorship by pushing this friend as a competitor, and they tried every year to best each other on the soccer field. When they became teammates Mr. Arledge began slowly coaching the friend to get the most out of him. Although they have gone through tough times together, his friendship never wavered.

Mr. Arledge is the one person you can call if you need anything because he is always there, without question. He was there for his friend the night their father passed away, and he was the first person his friend called when they graduated college and received a master's degree. They would not change a minute of their time with Mr. Arledge; as a matter of fact, they only regret not spending more time with him. He is a natural born leader and has served every community or social peer group with outstanding leadership, always striving to get the best results from those around him. Mr. Arledge is a LifeChanger!

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