Darden Price

Position: Third Grade Special Education Reading Teacher

School: Itawamba Attendance Center

School District: Itawamba County Schools

City, State: Fulton, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Darden Price was nominated by her principal, Ashley Greer. Mrs. Price exemplifies all of the qualities of a LifeChanger. She serves 33 students in her class. This year, Mrs. Price was faced with a challenge. A student who was recently diagnosed with macular degeneration was placed in her classroom. Mrs. Price has done a fantastic job at searching for ways to help this student be successful. When this student came to Mrs. Price, they were reading on a first grade level - two grade levels behind where she should have been. Mrs. Price worked with them diligently. In the process, she realized this student had missed some vital phonics skills that would help them become a successful reader and student due to their vision problems going unnoticed. Mrs. Price consulted with experts in the visual impairment field who gave her suggestions and accommodations to use with this student. It was discovered that the student needed an assistive technology device to help them see. Mrs. Price pushed to get them a DaVinci Low Vision Video Magnifier. Since the diagnosis, this student now has the tools they need to be able to see. More importantly, they are now reading on a second grade level - only one year behind. This is only one example of the miracles Mrs. Price performs in her students.

She not only makes a difference in the lives of the students she teaches, but she also helps her husband make a difference in the lives of the football players he coaches. Mrs. Price’s home is always open to football players, no matter the time. It helps that her home is located within walking distance to the school. If players are struggling with academics, Mrs. Price is there to offer tutoring services. If players need some advice on how to handle situations, she is there to help them through difficult times. If a player needs somewhere to lay their head down for the night, she is there to offer them a place.

Mrs. Price is a LifeChanger in the lives of so many students, athletes and people who she meets. She always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face!

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