Darcy Drutz

Position: Eighth Grade Science Teacher

School: Jordan Road School

School District: Somers Point Schools

City, State: Somers Point, New Jersey

About the Nominee: Darcy Drutz was nominated by her spouse, Dan Drutz. Mrs. Drutz is a LifeChanger in more ways then one. Every day, she changes lives in her classroom by teaching her students, not only about science, but about life lessons that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Her students know what a quality learning environment is when they enter the classroom each day. Mrs. Drutz works hard to help her students succeed, both in and out of the classroom. Her dedication to each and every student is seen by the number of students who excel in high school, attend college and come back to Jordan Road to see Mrs. Drutz and tell her how much her class changed their lives for the better.

She has no problem relating to any student, no matter what their circumstances are. She is also a leader among her peers, and is always being asked to weigh in on a situation by the school's administration or other teachers. Every year, Mrs. Drutz leads a group of sixth grade students on a week-long trip to Stokes State Forest, a campground in Northern New Jersey where the students learn life skills and participate in activities for four days. She has gone on the trip several times - it's considered a highlight of the school year. She has also been named Teacher of The Year and is a leader in every way possible!

Outside of the classroom, she was a LifeChanger for her spouse. His life has been better from the day he met her!

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