Daphne Okunaga

Position: Math Teacher

School: Pearl City High School

School District: Leeward District

City, State: Pearl City , Hawaii

About the Nominee: Daphne Okunaga was nominated by her principal, Joseph Halfmann. Ms. Okunaga is a LifeChanger at Pearl City High School. She is a dedicated math teacher, a multi-sport coach, graduation coordinator and all-around active Pearl City HS Charger. Her classroom serves as a haven for student athletes, and she pushes students to put their academics before athletics. Ms. Okunaga runs daily study halls for athletes throughout the year. Students go to her for tutoring when they are struggling, as well as snacks when they are hungry and advice on life. Every year, Ms. Okunaga also volunteers her time to coordinate her school's graduation, ensuring that the students' final high school event is memorable and life-changing. She is dedicated to her students and Pearl City High School!

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