Daniya Galimzianova

Position: ELL English Teacher/Facilitator School: Valley High School

School District: Clark County School District

City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Nominee: Daniya Galimzianova was nominated by her supervisor, Elena Fabunan.

Daniya Galimzianova takes on new challenges, imparts instruction and creates an excellent classroom environment. There is no doubt that she has had a direct influence in enriching the lives of her students and their educational career goals. She is such an effective teacher in the classroom that students not only enjoy her instruction, but she has increased student achievement. Mrs. Galimzianova is caring and respectful on a daily basis, and she maximizes instruction by using a variety of strategies, activities and assignments. She presents content to her students in a meaningful way that makes it understandable and exciting. She also participates in daily Professional Learning Collaboration meetings with all departments and monitors success by analyzing pre and post assessments, providing timely informative feedback to students and reteaching material as needed to achieve mastery. In addition, Mrs. Galimzianova works with a diverse population and has demonstrated effectiveness with students ranging from second language learners to students with learning deficiencies.

This year, as an ELL Facilitator and Teacher, she has contributed immensely to Valley High School by developing ELL instructional support for the teaching staff. She collaborates with teachers and administration to ensure that the school’s English Language Learners are receiving the best teaching strategies to achieve mastery of the English language. One of her colleagues says that they have never encountered a more dedicated teacher who has devoted several hours beyond her contract time and weekends to ensure that students get the maximum instruction.

Mrs. Galimzianova is an outstanding example of excellence in the profession. Not only does she set high expectations for her students and herself, but she is committed to helping others in any capacity. Tenacious, dedicated, and a life-long learner, Mrs. Galimzianova is a true asset to Valley High School and to the Clark County School District.

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