Dale Prioleau

Position: Principal

School: Ellen B. Lane School / GAP Center

School District: Aldine ISD

City, State: Houston , Texas

About the Nominee: Dale Prioleau was nominated by Sherrie Riles-Martin. Working at a special needs school requires a lot of understanding, patience and flexibility. Being the principal of that same school requires these qualities, plus leadership skills to deal with both students and staff. Mr. Prioleau, also known as "Mr. P" has all of these qualities. He has the unique ability of being able to make both the staff and students at feel like they will always have a excellent day. He is really involved in everything that goes on at Lane School. Most times, you can't find him in his office, but will find him in a classroom. He knows each of the students by name and will not hesitate to help whenever help is needed. Mr. P is an excellent principal and person who changes lives every day!

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