Courtney Warrington

Position: Speech-Language Pathologist School: Prairie Vale Elementary School

School District: Deer Creek Schools

City, State: Edmond, Oklahoma

About the Nominee: Courtney Warrington was nominated by Peggy Buell, the parent of a student.

Ms. Warrington is more than an amazing educational professional; she's dedicated to each and every one of her students. She challenges all of her students, setting realistic goals for them and encouraging them to achieve those goals. For the past three years, Ms. W (as the students call her) has worked with Peggy Buell's son, Chase, as his Speech Therapist.

Ms. Warrington is not your ordinary Speech-Language Pathologist, and Chase is not your ordinary student. When Chase connected and bonded with Ms. Warrington, Mrs. Buell said that she and her husband knew great things were going to happen. Last year, they all discussed the possibility of getting a communication device for Chase. It was Ms. Warrington who spent months compiling, documenting and submitting the request/approval package. She worked diligently with insurance companies, doctors, Chase's homeroom teacher and his Special Education teacher. Ms. Warrington prepared a video of Chase using a communication device that she borrowed to show that he was able to communicate with the device. She even mailed the request/approval package for Mrs. Buell.

While everyone waited for the approval/denial letter to arrive, Ms. Warrington went to educational trainings to further her knowledge of the communication device, always supporting Mrs. Buell and her family and giving them hope. Everyone felt pure joy when Chase received the approval letter and communication device. Chase started using his Talker (communication device Accent 1000) right away, creating a new beginning for Chase and his family. Now, he has a voice to communicate his wants and needs. Ms. Warrington made this happen, not to mention that this was her first attempt at getting a communication device approved.

She continues to educate other teachers, her peers and staff members at Deer Creek Schools. She is bringing hope to other students and their families by helping them have a voice. Mrs. Buell says that Ms. Warrington will always hold a very special place in her family's hearts and an unbreakable bond with Chase. Every day, she makes a positive difference, holds high ethical standards and a commitment to creating the best atmosphere for her students and others. She is a true asset to Prairie Vale and the Deer Creek School District!

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