Cortney Flannery

Position: Science Teacher

School: Betsy Layne High School

School District: Floyd County Schools

City, State: Stanville, Kentucky

About the Nominee: Cortney Flannery was nominated by a student, Hannah Rogers. Ms. Flannery is the best example of a great teacher and LifeChanger! She and her nominator, Hannah, were very close before Hannah even stepped through her doors. When Hannah first walked into her classroom, she was nervous. Ms. Flannery wants every student to be equal in her class. It doesn't matter if a student knows her personally because they will be treated the same as any other student. Ms. Flannery has a way of teaching that would blow your mind! She's not the type of teacher who simply gives lectures and assignments. She comes in with a new story or activity to help every student learn in a fun way. Hannah says that learning was never fun to her until she stepped foot in Ms. Flannery's classroom. She has a very close relationship with every student; if a student is upset, she will try different things to help them out.

There are a couple specific examples as to how Ms. Flannery was Hannah's LifeChanger. One day, Hannah was really struggling with school. She wasn't doing well in her Algebra 2 class or Ms. Flannery's Biology class. After school, she went to Ms. Flannery, who sat her down to help her out and tutor her on both subjects. Hannah was so relieved that she had a teacher that could actually help her! Another example was when Hannah was having a bad day over "silly boy stuff." Again, she went after school to Ms. Flannery, who sat her down and let her talk about it. She gave Hannah the best advice ever. Overall, Hannah's life has been changed thanks to a teacher that makes learning fun and cares about each individual student: Ms. Flannery!

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