Cori Burton

Position: Kindergarten Teacher School: Roosevelt School

School District: Yuma Elementary School District One

City, State: Yuma, Arizona

About the Nominee: Cori Burton was nominated by her principal, Sofia Ramirez.

Cori Burton has been working at Yuma School District One for three years as a kindergarten teacher. During these three years, she has shown great interest in her students' well-being and academics as well as the school environment. She is part of the Leadership Team, PBIS Team, PTO and other academic committees within the school setting.

Beyond the school setting, Miss Burton has been very successful in implementing the kindergarten curriculum and expectations. She participates in district and on-site in-services to further develop her level of expertise with curriculum and instruction. She is utilizing a variety of instructional strategies with her kindergarten students. Her teachings take place in a variety of settings such as whole class, small group, paired students and individual. She has attended district and school level staff development workshops in the areas of math, reading and technology.

Miss. Burton has also established effective classroom management strategies. She disciplines students in a low-key, consistent manner that sets a tone of fairness and respect. She incorporates positive reinforcement throughout the instructional day and demonstrates flexibility when it comes to adapting lesson plans to meet the needs of her students. Miss Burton’s conscientious efforts and enthusiasm for teaching reflect the attributes of a “natural” teacher. She is a wonderful addition to the Roosevelt staff!