Connie Jeppesen

Position: Kindergarten Teacher School: Brooksville Elementary School

School District: Hernando County School Board

City, State: Brooksville, Florida

About the Nominee: Connie Jeppesen is the epitome of what being a great and compassionate teacher is all about! She teaches her kindergartners how to be successful as students. As a bonus, she shows them the love and compassion that every child deserves to be shown and given. She refuses to give up on any child. Mrs. Jeppesen works tirelessly every day preparing for her class lessons. She focuses on each student as an individual, as well as the class as a whole. She takes the time to get to know each student's needs so that her lessons are tailored to the way each student learns, as they are all different. Mrs. Jeppesen stands up for her students' needs and is determined to make the "wow" or "lightbulb" moments happen on a daily basis. She is loved by her school and the parents of her students. There are many parents every year who hope and pray to have their little ones in her care. Mrs. Jeppesen is an exemplary teacher and a LifeChanger. She is to be praised for her efforts and the loving care she exhibits year after year, day after day. Way to go, Mrs. Jeppesen!

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