Colleen Creal

Position: Counselor

School: Pioneer High School

School District: Ann Arbor Public Schools

City, State: Ann Arbor, Michigan

About the Nominee: Colleen Creal is an amazing high school counselor! She is instrumental in providing students with the very best a counselor can give. She's an outstanding listener, incredibly sensitive to each student's individual needs and serves as "another mother" to many students. Ms. Creal helps students find the things they are truly gifted at, and they allow her to lead them down the path they will ultimately be most successful traveling. She's also one of the most authentic people one can meet. Ms. Creal is a serious truth teller, which helps students and adults know exactly what the expectations are and where the line is drawn. She is an integral part of her school's Spirit Team and runs various programs for students that allow them to take control of their educational goals while keeping things fun and positive. She oversees programs for Peer to Peer and Students with Depression, and she also plays a lead role on her school's Crisis team. Pioneer High School would not be the same without her!

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