Cindy Wood

Position: Second Grade Teacher

School: Midway Elementary School

School District: Jefferson County SD #251

City, State: Menan, Idaho

About the Nominee: Cindy Wood was nominated by her principal, Gary Comstock. Cindy Wood creates a classroom environment where serious learning can occur. She does this by showing true concern for her students, creating interesting lessons and by being open to new and proven learning techniques.

Mrs. Wood demonstrates true concern for her students in the manner in which she treats them. She shows interest in different aspects of their lives and how these aspects connect to the classroom. Discipline is always handled properly and by giving students choices.

Her lessons are vibrant, including kinesthetic activities, music, games and plays. She invites community members into her class for exciting presentations on science, history and the arts. The Common Core is used as a basis for her lessons, and parents request her for their child's teacher.

Mrs. Wood recently completed a Master's degree in teaching with an emphasis on technology. Wherever possible, she permits students to use the latest iPads, computers or apps to accentuate learning. She is cautious about "getting on the bandwagon" and changing every year, but she is open to new ideas and concepts that emerge each year. Her hand upon the steering wheel is steady. She is a driving force in shaping her students' education.

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