Cindy Schrader

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Anderson Elementary School

School District: Bronson Community Schools

City, State: Bronson, Michigan

About the Nominee: Cindy Schrader was nominated by her superintendent, Teresa Belote. Ms. Schrader is such an uplifting, motivating force in her community! Parents say how lucky Anderson Elementary is to have her on their staff, and students adore her. It's clear she cares about her community, whether she's skillfully leading a performance in her classroom or handing out apple slices and caramel sauce at a football game to show appreciation. She brings fun with a purpose to everything she does. You can count on her to join a committee or selflessly give her time to make a difference for students - all students. As a mentor to new teachers, she is a gracious giver. Everyone adores her and respects her skills. For these reasons (and many more), she is a LifeChanger!

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