Cindy Neilson

Position: Physical Education Teacher

School: South Central High School

School District: South Central #401

City, State: Farina, Illinois

About the Nominee: Cindy Neilson has taught Physical Education at South Central High School for almost 30 years. She is a great asset to have because she is an amazing person who works tirelessly for students in her district. Ms. Neilson is typically the last person to leave school on a given evening, and she is there on most weekends, preparing for the week ahead. Students think so highly of her that they continue to confide in her, year after year. The relationships she establishes with students often continue after graduation. She is compassionate, caring, sincere, organized and dependable. Whatever her students need, she will find a way to help them. Mrs. Neilson is a perfectionist, which leads to her being a stellar teacher. She is retiring in a couple of years and is already implementing ways to make the transition smooth for the person that follows her. Along with the above traits, Mrs. Neilson is very passionate about her job. This passion empowers other staff to be passionate about what she does. She is not afraid to let others know when they are doing something that goes against the physical education laws, but she does so in a non-challenging way that doesn't offend people. Mrs. Neilson is the consummate professional in every way. She is definitely a LifeChanger!

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