Chuck Rhoads

Position: Visual Arts Teacher

School: Puckett High School

School District: Rankin County School District

City, State: Puckett, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Chuck Rhoads was nominated by his principal, Robert Crain. Mr. Rhoads is a huge asset to Puckett High School and the Rankin County School District. He is a talented, knowledgeable Visual Arts instructor who not only consistently applies exceptional instructional strategies, but is a master technician of the teaching/learning process.

Mr. Rhoads is a self-driven teacher who single-handedly created Puckett High's Arts program. He has created 3 Arts programs for 3 different schools in Rankin County. Each program has been self-supported by donations and grants that Mr. Rhoads obtained. He is an ingenious, child-centered leader for his students and peers. Some of his art projects include Keep Mississippi Beautiful and The Gardens of Puckett, the latter which has won awards and gained statewide attention. Puckett High's Arts program is a model for other schools. Mr. Rhoads' leadership qualities, along with his Arts programs have brought businesses and communities together.

Mr. Rhoads' art students have benefited from his being a successful teacher throughout his career. Many of his students have attained art scholarships, and their work is featured in his annual art exhibit at the Mississippi State Capitol. Additionally, his students have won the Gold and Silver Keys in the Regional Scholastic Arts programs, as well as the International VSA Arts Awards for Mississippi at Union station in Washington, DC. His students' artwork has been found in the United States Capitol, and two "First Ladies of Mississippi" have student artwork displayed in their homes. Most importantly, Mr. Rhoads has had the most success in changing his students' attitudes and lives. He can turn a negative attitude into a positive attitude and teach students more than just Art. He teaches students to be polite, cordial, respectful and how to become model students.

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