Christine Anderson

Position: Middle School/High School Choir Teacher

School: Shiocton High School

School District: School District of Shiocton

City, State: Shiocton, Wisconsin

About the Nominee: Christine Anderson was nominated by her principal, Kelly Zeinert. Mrs. Anderson has doubled the amount of students in her program since becoming part of the staff at Shiocton. Her classroom is very eclectic, with students of different abilities and backgrounds. Mrs. Anderson has created a sense of "family" in her classroom. In a recent survey, "family" was the most common word that came to mind when students thought about her class. Everyone is welcome in her classroom. If there is an issue, she addresses it so the "family" can move forward.

A prime example of this sense of family happened within the last year. There was a student who didn't feel well and sat behind the risers, out of Mrs. Anderson's sight. Another student went by them and asked if they were okay. When they stated, "No," they informed Mrs. Anderson and offered to walk them to the nurse. Although these students may not have had much in common outside of the classroom, in Mrs. Anderson's classroom they were part of a family, where everyone is treated equally.

Mrs. Anderson also makes sure that she is connected with her students once they graduate. Every year at a concert, she asks past graduates to join the current choir and sing a song that they all have learned - once again, continuing that sense of family, and the idea that everyone is ALWAYS welcome in her program.

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