Christina Sandoval

Position: Transition - Life Skills Teacher

School: River Terrace Educational Campus

School District: District of Columbia Public Schools

City, State: Washington , District of Columbia

About the Nominee: Christina Sandoval was nominated by Justin Lien. Ms. Sandoval supports the instructional and global needs of students with the most profound, medically complex special needs. She demonstrates outstanding talents when it comes to caring for assigned students in her classroom, supporting both their therapeutic and educational needs.

Ms. Sandoval possesses the ability to work with students who have more challenging behaviors. She adheres to the procedures and aspects of positive behavior supports and plans. Given her impressive work ethic and rapport with students and colleagues, Ms. Sandoval was recommended to participate in the school’s academic leadership team, giving her the opportunity to provide a collaborative voice representing the teachers and staff within her grade band. Over the years, Ms. Sandoval has demonstrated her passion and high expectations for students with special needs. These qualities are admirable, and she is an exemplary leader who inspires her colleagues every day.

Ms. Sandoval is not only consistent with the students, but the staff in the classroom. She displays great leadership skills by establishing meaningful relationships with all staff to create an effective team approach. Ms. Sandoval works very well with staff, and her mood and demeanor are positive at all times. In addition to these skills, Ms. Sandoval excels in the key functions of a classroom teacher.

She has taken initiative in enhancing student instruction at rigorous levels since day one. She also retains and implements knowledge from new training sessions, and she welcomes constructive criticism, not only from her supervisor, but from co-workers. Her flexibility and ability to remain composed in emergency situations is highly admirable. Ms. Sandoval is a LifeChanger to everyone she meets!