Chris Sell

Position: HS Principal, Anti-Bullying Specialist and Title IX Officer

School: Hoboken Charter School

School District: Hoboken Charter School

City, State: Hoboken, New Jersey

About the Nominee: Chris Sell was nominated by a colleague, M. Marks. Mr. Sell has had an incredible influence on Hoboken Charter School. He has not only increased enrollment, but has maintained a stable enrollment. His concern for the students is unparalleled, which is why the students respect him. New teachers have been attracted to the high school because of Mr. Sell's persona.

Under his leadership, new programs have been created to help the students. There has been an increase in online courses, special sessions and training. More students are participating in sports and the arts, with new championships won and students winning multiple exhibitions. This is because Mr. Sell has truly transformed the Hoboken Charter School experience and environment!

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