Chelsa Hervert

Position: Guidance Counselor (K-5)

School: Masters Elementary School

School District: Omaha Public Schools

City, State: Omaha, Nebraska

About the Nominee: Chelsa Hervert was nominated by her principal, Dr. LeDonna Griffin. Wherever Mrs. Hervert goes, she puts her heart into doing all she can for the students she works with. Mrs. Hervert works collaboratively with teachers, students and families alike. She always helps provide resources and come up with ideas to support the students. Mrs. Hervert unselfishly spends a lot of her own time calling and visiting businesses to build partnerships. She spent her summer break planning with Dr. Griffin how they could ensure that the elementary school was a positive place for students. Every year, she runs holiday programs to support families who could benefit from some holiday blessings. She is an amazing, caring and all-around positive influence in the school setting. Mrs. Hervert is a LifeChanger!

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