Chaka Broughton

Position: Third Grade Teacher

School: Gilbert Cuellar, Sr. Elementary School

School District: Dallas Independent School District

City, State: Dallas , Texas

About the Nominee: Chaka Broughton was nominated by Dr. Shirley Wilson Words that come to mind when describing Mrs. Broughton are dependable, leadership, dedication, knowledgeable, flexible, resourceful, creative, consistent and relentless.

Mrs. Broughton leads the FSAC committee on campus; she is a guiding force in the campus culture and climate. She is the true definition of an exemplary teacher. Mrs. Broughton meets with her co-teachers daily to ensure they all utilize the same materials, review data and have discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of their lessons, as well as strategies to improve instruction. Another example of her leadership is her willingness and desire to support new teachers on campus. She has led professional development for all staff, modeled lessons, pulled small groups for teachers and taught additional classes.

Mrs. Broughton sought and obtained mentors for her male students who struggle behaviorally. When there were vacancies on campus, she supported the students in those classes by creating a schedule to teach them. She established a monitoring system for those students to ensure they would not fall behind. She has also assisted with classroom set-up for teachers new to the campus.

Mrs. Broughton is passionate about and committed to improving the quality her students' education by using data statistics to modify her instructional and behavioral decisions.

The aforementioned statements are only a glimpse of the impact she has had on her campus and the community. Mrs. Broughton serves as a model to all teachers and staff at Cuellar Elementary School. She is truly a LifeChanger!

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