Celia Roberts

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher

School: Doris French Elementary School

School District: Clark County School District

City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Nominee: Celia Roberts is the Wonder Woman of teachers! She works with almost 50 fifth grade students and never complains. Every day, she smiles and says she will do her best! Her project-based teaching style is engaging and helps her students go from doing desk work to using meaningful real-world applications of their skills. Each student is treated as an individual, and the bar is set high for everyone. Ms. Roberts works tirelessly to find strategies to assist all of her students with content mastery. She fully includes all of her students, including those with special needs, and provides them with the greatest gifts- inquiry and self-motivation. Ms. Roberts continually reflects on all that she does and redesigns lessons to make them more effective and engaging. She stays in consistent contact with each of her families and updates them regularly on their child's progress and growth. Each student is taught how to set academic goals and collect data on growth for those goals.

Her "can do" attitude never falters, and her perseverance with the toughest of students is endless. The love she has for her students is reflected in all that she does. Her peers have called her a "renaissance" woman and a "jack of all trades." Former students are often seen in her classroom visiting with her and getting ideas for college.

Ms. Roberts is a leader on the Doris French campus and assists with leadership decisions, budget decisions and safety issues. She heads up the technology team and keeps the primary tablets updated and running. She also helped create an Accelerated Learning Model for the school district and served as a mentor classroom for schools to observe when implementing the model. Her pleasant demeanor and willingness to help others is always apparent. Her colleagues and students appreciate all that she does!

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