Caron Cox

Position: Guidance Chairperson

School: Elmont Memorial High School

School District: Sewanhaka Central High School District

City, State: Elmont, New York

About the Nominee: For nine years, Caron Cox has served as the chairperson of pupil personnel services (PPS) at Elmont Memorial High School. She works tirelessly with her counselors and clinicians to ensure that Elmont Memorial provides an environment that supports the social and emotional well-being of every student. Ms. Cox has made a priority out of closing the opportunity and achievement gaps for children of color. She firmly believes that every child can learn at the highest level, and that failure is not an option. As a direct result of her efforts, Elmont Memorial is nationally recognized for its high academic achievement, and for providing children of color access to the most rigorous course work. Under her leadership, the Pupil Personnel Department has played an integral role in increasing the number of students taking AP courses. Last year, over 650 AP exams were administered at Elmont Memorial. Everyday, Ms. Cox's mission is to make a positive difference in the life of every student she comes in contact with. She believes that all obstacles can be overcome and communicates this every day to the entire Elmont Memorial community. She is living proof of this. As an example, Ms. Cox was invited to the Education Trust National Conference on Closing the Achievement Gap a few years ago, where she was asked to do a presentation on Elmont Memorial's success. On October 21, 2013, Ms. Cox suffered a brain aneurysm before she was scheduled to leave for the conference. Miraculously, and after a long recovery, she returned to Elmont Memorial in April 2014. Since returning, Ms. Cox is even more passionate about ensuring that the students of Elmont Memorial are provided with the best education possible. Her commitment and dedication to every student is unwavering. She serves as a role model and inspiration to everyone that meets her. Ms. Cox truly is a LifeChanger!

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