Caroline Benoist

Position: Eighth Grade Teacher School: The Main Street Academy

School District: Fulton County Schools

City, State: College Park, Georgia

About the Nominee: Caroline Benoist was nominated by her colleague, Savanah Forsythe.

Caroline Benoist is a wonderful teacher. She commits herself fully to every task that she takes on. Ms. Benoist has coached volleyball, helped with track, put together an 8th grade formal dance, planned field trips and tutored students (even those that aren't hers) in the mornings and afternoons. When something isn't going right, Ms. Benoist picks up the slack because she knows her students will be better off for it. She never hesitates to do what is right for her school or her students.

Her students love her, not just as a teacher - but as a person too. She is fun to be around and a wonderful educator. She cares deeply about her students, friends, and co-workers. Ms. Benoist is the kind of person that inspires other educators around her to step up and be better. She is indeed a LifeChanger who will do great things as she moves on in her career!

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