Camille Bielling

Position: English/Reading Teacher

School: PACE Center for Girls

School District: Polk County Public Schools

City, State: Lakeland, Florida

About the Nominee: Camille Bielling was nominated by Xuchitl Coso, Executive Director for the PACE Center.

The PACE Center for Girls has a nationally-recognized, research-based model emphasizing academics and social service as a path to a better future for girls and young women ages 11 to 17. PACE’s gender-responsive culture provides a safe environment celebrating girls, and provides services that take into account how girls learn and develop, with staff who understand the lives of girls and can respond to their strengths and challenges. Camille Bielling has been with the PACE Center for three years. In this time period, she completed her Masters in Reading Education while working full-time and is slated to begin her PhD in Educational Leadership this coming year.

Miss Bielling has a passion for imparting her love of reading to her students. Reading is an area of deficiency for many PACE students, and Miss Bielling has made it her mission to encourage and empower them to read and to find their voices. Some of the key projects she has initiated are: PACE Book Club, Poetry Slam, Monthly Movie Day, Holocaust Museum Field Trip, Accelerated Reader Literacy Program, NOW! Pilot Study and the Punctual Pacers attendance incentive program.

Additionally, Miss Bielling co-wrote a grant with the Executive Director to create a literacy program at the school. The grant includes books, cataloguing software, incentives, Synchroneyes, applications and laptops to test the students' reading comprehension. The students are reading at an amazing pace and are excited about passing their tests to get to the next level. Miss Bielling is also Einstein Reading-trained and was chosen to begin the Einstein NOW! pilot study at PACE Polk. She is the Center's senior teacher and is always there to support and mentor new teachers. Her commitment to PACE students shows in her daily interaction and support for girls who need an excellent role model in their lives.