Briana Hoover

Position: Math Teacher/Girls Head Varsity Volleyball Coach/PBIS School Coach

School: Orange County High School

School District: Orange County Public Schools (Virginia)

City, State: Orange , Virginia

About the Nominee: Briana Hoover was nominated by her principal, Kelly Guempel. Ms. Hoover is a tremendous asset to Orange County High School who tirelessly works for the students' benefit! She readily takes on all assignments and will work with any student to improve their math skills and provide them with a positive learning experience. She is able to turn around students who have experienced years of academic struggle and failed attempts at mastering math concepts. Ms. Hoover is a teacher with a huge heart; she continually goes out of her way to reach even the most difficult students. She is relentless in searching for new and innovative ways to teach math and to make learning fun and interesting for students, especially those who struggle. Ms. Hoover is also a leader among her colleagues; in addition to teaching math, she serves on a variety of committees. She is the staff coach for PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) and the head varsity volleyball coach, and she also provides her expertise on the school's discipline committee. For all of these reasons, Ms. Hoover has truly been a LifeChanger for many students!

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