Bobby Tittle

Position: Principal

School: Ohatchee High School

School District: Calhoun County School District

City, State: Ohatchee, Alabama

About the Nominee: Bobby Tittle has transformed Ohatchee High School! His caring, yet strong personality brings students to him. He does so many extra things that people in the Ohatchee community aren't aware of. For example, he has personally paid off lunch account balances for several students in need, which sometimes come to $40-$60 at a time. In addition, he has purchased Christmas gifts for students in need. He has purchased blue jeans, shoes, socks, hygiene items, headphones, etc. just because a student was in need. Also, he has helped stranded students whose cars have broken down and needed transportation. He's driven them home, bought school supplies, mentored students and so much more.

His nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous, finds it hard to express in words how much Mr. Tittle has done for Ohatchee High School. He is a LifeChanger in his community!