Bobbie Freeman

Position: Special Education Teacher

School: Clarion-Limestone Elementary School

School District: Clarion-Limestone Area School District

City, State: Strattanville, Pennsylvania

About the Nominee: Bobbie Freeman was nominated by her superintendent, Mike Stimac. Mr. Stimac has had the privilege of working with Ms. Freeman for the past two years. Each and every day, she brings an infectious, energetic, loving attitude to work. As a result, her students feel comfortable, safe and above all, loved. She serves a group of special education students with critical needs, and she advocates for them fiercely. For example, Ms. Freeman independently researches technology-related tools that have the potential to transform her students' learning and understanding of content; as a result of her studies, she proposed to Mr. Stimac that the school should purchase iPads and a reading app that helps level the playing field for some of the school's most challenged readers.

What is most astounding about Ms. Freeman, though, is that she understands there is more to teaching than simply curriculum, instruction and assessment. The most important thing to Ms. Freeman and the Clarion-Limestone Area School District is loving students. Before students learn in Ms. Freeman's classroom, they are shown love. They are hugged, shown respect and given positive reinforcement and the freedom to express themselves. She certainly holds her students accountable when they make mistakes, but she teaches them how to own one's mistake and grow from the learning experience. Mr. Stimac states that he is honored to work with her and can confidently say that she is a LifeChanger!

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