Bette Drown

Position: School Nurse Assistant

School: Rexford/Longfellow Elementary School

School District: Clintonville Public Schools

City, State: Clintonville, Wisconsin

About the Nominee: Bette Drown was nominated by a friend, Carol Erickson. Nurse Bette, as the students call her, is someone who cares about the staff and students. She always has a smile.

She "heals" scraped knees and can help stop tummy aches. She knows when a band aid will stop tears and when an ice pack will ease the pain of a bump received on the playground. If there is a question about head lice, Nurse Bette is willing to jump in, hands first. Flu season at Rexford/Longfellow Elementary is not difficult for Nurse Bette, as long as she has her disinfecting wipes ready.

She has been in the district for over 30 years and knows the students and their parents. She has knwon their parents since they were also students she helped when they were in school. Nurse Bette seldom takes a day off; she doesn't want to burden other staff members, who are very busy, to give out medication when needed. Nurse Bette is often called to other buildings to help with minor health issues that might come up, which she does with no complaints.

Nurse Bette has many duties throughout the year that need to be "fit" into her day, since sick or hurt students come first. She works with professional staff to complete vision and hearing screenings. Nurse Bette is also the “go to” person for parents if they want to know what immunizations are needed for their student. One could go on forever listing different things that Nurse Bette takes care of for students. She is valuable to her school.

Nurse Bette is hard working, very organized and, most importantly, a great friend.

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