Betsy Sullivan

Position: Exceptional Children's Teacher

School: Beddingfield High School

School District: Wilson County Schools

City, State: Wilson, North Carolina

About the Nominee: Betsy Sullivan has been a LifeChanger for over 30 years. She has both officially and unofficially mentored several teachers in the exceptional children's department as well as teachers outside of the department. For several years, she has been the department chair for the school, helping guide teachers and administrators on exceptional children. On most days, she gives up her planning period to help fellow EC teachers with IEP related issues, such as reading tests to students, helping students with class work that they don't understand or keeping students that are upset with a teacher calm and out of trouble. She also conducts IEP meetings and meets with administrators over students with discipline issues. Most days after school, you can find Mrs. Sullivan meeting with teachers and administrators, working on IEPs, grading papers and doing anything else that might need to get done to ensure her students are getting the best education they can. Teaching three classes every day is not the only thing that makes Mrs. Sullivan a LifeChanger. She also teaches study skills classes, which involves teaching each student the best ways to be successful in their other three classes. While teaching, she can frequently be found reading tests to students, supervising students that need a separate space to take tests and taking calls from parents that have questions.

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