Barbara Plum

Position: Social Worker

School: Weldon High School

School District: Weldon City Schools

City, State: Weldon, North Carolina

About the Nominee: Barbara Plum changes the lives of students by giving them a fighting chance to stay in school and become a productive citizen. When the students and their families are hungry, she provides food for them. When they need clothes and shelter, she provides them with the items of clothing they need and will find a place for them to stay. She is dedicated to Weldon City Schools and the community of Halifax County. Mrs. Plum started a food pantry for her school and community. She is assigned families from DSS who are in need of food. She reaches out to businesses to obtain support to help students succeed. When Mrs. Plum get a call in the night from a student that need help, she does not hesitate to get out of her bed to go help that student. Mrs. Plum is a native of Weldon. When she graduated from college, she came back to give back to her community. She is fighting for every student in her community, one student at a time. She provides backpacks filled with food for students on the weekends because she knows some students won't get a meal over the weekend. Mrs. Plum always says that a student can not learn if they are hungry.

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