Avajan Oldham

Position: Third + Fourth Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher School: J.S. Waters School

School District: Chatham County Schools

City, State: Goldston, North Carolina

About the Nominee: Avajan Oldham was nominated by her principal, Beverly Browne.

Avajan Oldham has been a part of the J.S Waters community her entire life! Her mother taught at J.S. Waters, and she now has a daughter teaching at the school. Ms. Oldham is a master teacher who establishes a classroom environment where students thrive. In the community, she sings and plays for the church choir and tutors students who need additional help. She has also started a running club at school where students and staff meet after school for snacks and a good workout. The club started out with about 20 students participating and has grown to 50-60 students. This is something that she wanted to do to reach out to the community after school hours. She is a model educator and a great representative of a LifeChanger!

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