Ashley Peace

Position: Math Teacher

School: Sierra Vista High School

School District: Clark County School District

City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Nominee: Ashley Peace was nominated by a student, Jasmine Cowan. Some people are fortunate enough to find someone who impacts their lives in a positive way. Jasmine considers herself to be one of these individuals because she was lucky enough to find Mr. Peace. With all he does for the students at Sierra Vista High School, it is clear that he is a true LifeChanger. Mr. Peace affects people’s lives in meaningful ways through his teaching methods and helpful personality. This life-changing teacher continues to go above and beyond for all students.

Mr. Peace's personalized teaching strategies make his math class unlike any other. Before Jasmine set foot in his classroom, she absolutely hated math. Thanks to Mr. Peace, however, math is now her favorite subject. He takes the time to learn about his students individually in order to shape math problems into something they can understand. One time, for example, he explained a geometry problem for Jasmine in the form of ballet positions. She was blown at his ability to connect math to ballet, but more importantly, she found herself able to understand the problem and execute it. He continuously gets his students motivated to learn more. Furthermore, he exhibits impeccable teaching abilities and leadership skills by encouraging the students to interact with one another. Through his unmatched teaching skills, Mr. Peace is an influential character in the lives of students.

Mr. Peace has a supportive character; he is always there to lead students down a path to success. When Jasmine first met Mr. Peace, she was a student who did not care about what school had to offer her. After a short time in his class, that all changed. Mr. Peace showed her that she is more than a high school dropout, and that she is capable of anything. His empowering life lessons show students that they can do anything they set their mind to as long as they “just give it a try.” Even students that have never been in his class know they can look to him for assistance because he has a reputation for being a helpful teacher. Mr. Peace’s impartial, generous personality makes him a significant, inspirational figure to students.

It is rare to meet an educator who has had such a positive impact on students. Mr. Peace is one of these educators. He has changed the lives of many students, including Jasmine, and will continue to be a LifeChanger every day!

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