Ashley Lennox

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher

School: Draper Elementary School

School District: Canyons School District

City, State: Draper, Utah

About the Nominee: Besides being an excellent educator and role model for children, these comments from parents best represent the positive impact Ashley Lennox has on her students: "Mrs. Lennox is aware and knows her students. As a parent I appreciate this. We discussed at Parent/Teacher Conferences the additional resources my daughter has in math and science because she excels in these subjects. Mrs. Lennox was engaged and was willing to offer suggestions to continue to challenge and grow my child. I'm so grateful to have an educator that understands the importance of the uniqueness of the individuals in her class. I know she would do anything for any of her students."

"She is always positive and helps kids feel like they can do anything. When she knows a student is struggling with a certain concept, she finds a way to make it easier for them to understand."

"Ashley is phenomenal at incorporating technology in the classroom. She utilizes volunteers to help her kids succeed. She thinks outside the norm and I can see how this benefits her class."

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