Arlene Anderson

Position: Director of Student Services

School: Urbana Adult Education Center

School District: Urbana School District 116

City, State: Urbana, Illinois

About the Nominee: Arlene Anderson was nominated by a colleague, Edwin Vega. Mrs. Anderson is the heart of the Urbana Adult Education Center! The vitality of each day begins as soon as she enters the school. Her smile beams an undercurrent wave interconnecting time to its purposeful portrait. Such portrait grasps human connections yielding unique moments in which potentials are foreseen and conflicts wither onto understanding. Mrs. Anderson paints this portrait every day in every way, maintaining a reputable model of professionalism. Most of Mrs. Anderson's students and colleagues look to her to orient ideas towards assured support. The detailed colors are shown by her effective leadership skills, proven career pathways, assurance, moralistic hindsight, ecclesiastic decorum, knowledge of all adult education programs and most importantly, her love to accord human connections. As such, Mrs. Anderson constantly re-innovates an immemorial labor of love. She is the heart of her school, and she further draws elemental axioms to its humanistic purpose.

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