Anne Richardson

Position: STEM and Journalism Teacher School: Caledonia High School

School District: Lowndes County School District

City, State: Caledonia, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Anne Richardson was nominated by a colleague, Melissa Suddith.

Anne Richardson is a champion for her students and her school! She does everything she possibly can within a 24 hour day to ensure that her students are successful. Ms. Richardson invests much of her own time into making success a possibility for so many students. She also works with other teachers and encourages them to have the same commitment to their students that she does. Ms. Richardson is an influential role model for mentoring young teachers and is someone that everyone looks up to!

She oversees all photography for the school, from senior portraits to clubs and sports. She helps with her school's Christmas Angels program for needy students and makes sure that all of her students are ready for special events in their lives, such as graduation. Ms. Richardson does all of this with no expectation of extra compensation or recognition -- she is simply a very caring person who loves her students!

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