Anita Sheikh

Position: English Teacher

School: Mandarin High School

School District: Duval County Public Schools

City, State: Jacksonville, Florida

About the Nominee: Anita Sheikh was nominated by a family member, Sadia Sindhu. Ms. Sheikh has been teaching for over 15 years. She has been an inspiration! Sometimes, we forget the impact that teachers have on us. We don't recognize how much they influence students. Ms. Sindhu states that even from her own youth, she can recall the little things, compliments and advice she received from some of her teachers.

Ms. Sheikh is a great example of a hard working teacher who is a wife and a mom of three kids. She never fails to care and go the extra mile for her students. On many occasions, she has shared stories regarding her students, such as how she stopped an academic lesson to talk about a simple life lesson. She truly loves what she does! That's why many of her students from years ago still reach out to her to tell her that she changed their lives in one way or another. She founded the multicultural club in her school, which has helped bring students together from different backgrounds to share their stories. She has always said we are more alike than we are different. Ms. Sheikh is a wonderful LifeChanger because of her hard work and efforts.

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