Anita Lotti

Position: Science Teacher School: Dover Sherborn Regional High School

School District: Dover Sherborn Regional Public Schools

City, State: Dover, Massachusetts

About the Nominee: Anita Lotti was nominated by a former student, John Riedel.

Anita Lotti is definitely a LifeChanger! She is attentive, cares deeply about her students, is always there to provide help and engage students during experiments. In 2013, Mrs. Lotti started the Dover Sherborn Global Science Travel Program with a trip to that year's Education First Global Student Leader Summit. Students were given the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to learn about the environment and species endangerment. The following year, she took students to the Galapagos Islands. This program has given many students the opportunity to explore the world and has expanded their education on an international scale. Mrs. Lotti's nominator, John Riedel, says that her great work as a LifeChanger helped him secure future internships and opportunities. In the Science Travel Program's first year, she approached him to write for the student blog about the trip, which was published on Huffington Post. If it weren't for that experience, he would not have had the opportunities that brought him to where he is today. Mrs. Lotti's work has not only impacted Mr. Riedel, but all students who have entered her classroom.

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