Angela Wrinkle

Position: American History Teacher

School: Hudson Middle School

School District: Garland ISD

City, State: Garland, Texas

About the Nominee: Angela Wrinkle was nominated by Rhonda Martin, the parent of a student. Mrs. Wrinkle has taught Ms. Martin's son for two years. Ms. Martin's son has learning disabilities that greatly impact him when he is in the general ed class. Mrs. Wrinkle has a class full of students, but she always has time to help out Ms. Martin's son to make him feel like a part of the class. He has struggled in the past, but not now. Mrs. Wrinkle finds new ways to help him learn to understand what is being taught and be a part of class activities. She always makes sure to congratulate him on his efforts and make him feel successful.

Ms. Martin's son went from being a shy student who struggled with reading and writing at the beginning seventh grade to a student who participates in class and tries his best. He often says, "I tried my best, and that's okay." Mrs. Wrinkle completely understands him and has made a huge impact on him. She helped him understand that we are all different, but that's okay because we can all be successful. She also shares her ideas with his other teachers to help him feel just as successful in his other classes. Mrs. Wrinkle has helped him overcome the challenges he faces so he can feel good about who he is. That's why she's a LifeChanger!

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