Angela Taul

Position: Resource Teacher School: Ben Johnson Elementary School

School District: Breckinridge County Schools

City, State: McDaniels, Kentucky

About the Nominee: Angela Taul was nominated by her principal, Michael Broadbent.

Angela Taul is a phenomenal teacher! Mrs. Taul is actively involved in every one of her students' lives. She is not only a special education teacher who refers to her students as her children, but she is actively involved in the local McDaniels Community Center, St. Anthony's Church, School SBDM Council, Efficiency Committee and basketball program. She also serves as the school KEA Teacher Representative and District Vice President. If there is something going on at Ben Johnson Elementary School, Mrs. Taul will be there and will be actively involved. She makes a difference, and as many parents and former students will confirm...she is a LifeChanger!

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