Angela Reynolds

Position: Counselor

School: Natchez Early College Academy

School District: Natchez-Adams School District

City, State: Natchez, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Angela Reynolds is the type of person that students, teachers, parents and administrators can count on. She does whatever she can do to help, resolve a conflict, solve a problem or meet a need. Students have said, "Ms. Reynolds needs a raise. They have her everywhere." Others have pulled her to the side and told her they are concerned because she works so hard. Students, teachers and administrators go to her when they need something as grave as consoling or something as minor as a toothpick. She always has whatever you need. Even students who graduate and transfer come back to tell her "Hello," or how well they are doing. From arranging life-changing seminars to daily counseling, Ms. Reynolds leaves a lasting impression on the lives of many. Not a person who has come into her presence can say that she has not changed their life. Therefore, she is a LifeChanger!

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